Steeped in a legacy that spans decades, our history is a testament to the enduring commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

Established in 1976
Albuquerque, NM

For generations, the Monte family has played an integral role in the Albuquerque, New Mexico community. Monte’s, established in 1976, has evolved into one of the premier cigar, pipe, and tobacco stores in the United States.

The Monte family has cultivated relationships with the finest tobacconists and cigar masters worldwide, bringing their expertise to Albuquerque for your enjoyment.

Our humidor stands as one of the largest and finest in the Southwest, boasting over 1,100 square feet of humidity and temperature-controlled inventory for your pleasure.

With a diverse selection of cigar manufacturers, blends, and price ranges, we aim to satisfy every aficionado, from beginners to the most seasoned enthusiasts.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in exploring our premium cigar offerings sourced from around the world.

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Davidoff Signature

A timeless Panetela format, topped with an elegant “pigtail”, this cigar exhibits well-balanced flavors of earth and wood, while emphasizing floral aromas leaving a particularly clean and creamy aftertaste

Camacho Connecticut

The perfect smoke for those craving something “milder-mannered.” This is boldness meets balance. All the rich, deep flavor and spicy kick you’d expect from Camacho, without the knock-down power.

Avo Classic Maduro

A shiny, oily and veinless American Broadleaf wrapper is pleasing the eyes and sparking the appetite. The first third begins with creamy and milk chocolate notes, followed by a subtle spiciness in the retrohale.

The Late Hour Series

Introducing the first blend featuring tobacco aged in the finest Scotch single malt whisky casks. This Robusto format provides intensified flavours of wood, spice, coffee, dark chocolate, dark fruit and vintage leather.

48+ Years of Tradition

Experience the Process

Experience the Process

From the careful cultivation of tobacco plants to the delicate art of blending and the skilled hands that roll each cigar, the journey encapsulates centuries of craftsmanship. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of cigar production.

#1 Cultivation of Tobacco

The cigar-making process begins with the cultivation of high-quality tobacco. Tobacco plants are carefully nurtured and cultivated, with specific attention to soil, climate, and altitude, to produce leaves that will contribute to the desired flavor profile.

#2 Harvesting

Once the tobacco plants reach maturity, skilled farmers handpick the leaves, selecting only the finest ones for the cigar-making process. Harvesting is a crucial step as it determines the overall quality of the tobacco used in the cigars.

#3 Curing and Fermentation

After harvesting, the tobacco leaves undergo a meticulous curing process, where they are air-dried and then fermented. This step is vital for developing the desired flavors and aromas while reducing the natural bitterness of the tobacco.

#4 Blending

Master blenders, often highly skilled and experienced artisans, meticulously combine different types of cured and fermented tobacco leaves to create unique blends. The art of blending is a key factor in achieving a well-balanced and distinctive cigar flavor.

#5 Rolling

The blended tobacco is then skillfully hand-rolled by trained cigar rollers. These craftsmen arrange the tobacco leaves in precise layers, ensuring an even burn and consistent flavor throughout the cigar. The wrapper, a delicate and flawless leaf, is carefully applied to complete the cigar.

#6 Aging and Packaging

The finished cigars are placed in aging rooms to allow the flavors to mature and harmonize. Once the aging process is complete, the cigars are inspected for quality and consistency before being packaged for distribution. The aging period is crucial for achieving the desired complexity and richness in the final product.

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